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Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

  • Posted on September 13, 2012
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I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for a product or service I don’t turn to my YellowPages ™ anymore, I go right to my smartphone or computer and start searching online.  So is everyone else, a staggering number in fact.  Over 96% of the population turns to their favorite search engine to find local business and services.  Even with such a high number of people turning to the online market to find their goods, over half of small business out there don’t even have a website.

There are many ways to get found on the online world without a website.  However, nothing is more prominent than having your own domain billboard with all the information available about your business or product.  Now days, with social media and refined search optimization exploring multiple avenues for your business ensures that you will be found.

Below are several options to take your business to the online market.

  1. Build a website – There is no better source to advertise your business than promoting yourself at your own domain.  Creating a website gives you complete control over any content or information you want to share about your business or profession.
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and More… – There is no stopping social media.  It seems like each day there is a new stream of followers that are looking for a new way to share their lives, information, business and more.  Taking advantage of these populations and streams allows you to advertise your business in multiple facits.
  3. Google Places – Creating a Google Places page is essential to getting your business found locally.  Google Places allows you to customize a page all about your business including type, hours of operation, address, website and more.  Google Places result often show near the top when users search for services near your business.  Not only will this promote your business locally, but it is a free service.
  4. Online Advertising – All of the above options will give your audience ways to learn about and interact with your business online.  More importantly, your audience needs to know about you.  Online advertising is an extremely effective way of finding your target audience based on what they are searching for in your area.  Google AdWords is the leading advertising service allowing you to set your advertising budget and only pay when a user clicks on your ads.
  5. Online Reviews – Many online users are frequently turning to online review services such as Yelp and Manta to find out if the business they are looking to work with has good customer feedback.  While these review communities and be harmful to your online presence if negative reviews are pilling up, but they can be just as beneficial to positive reviews.  Encouraging your clients or offering a special discount for providing an honest review will not only help get you found on the web, but will also encourage more online customers to walk in your doors.

Marketing your profession or business online takes a lot of work.  Online marketing can offer new opportunities for your self or your business with minimal costs to get started.  Working with a web development company that offers website and online application support can remove this burden from your daily routine.