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Website Development

Building a website is not as simple as putting some pictures and text on a page.  Your website is a representation of you or your business.  Effective websites are designed and developed to be found by search engines, send a clear message about who and what you are and are constantly updated with new information.

Building a website is a lot like building a house.  Taking the time on the front end to understand the needs and wants of our clients ensures that your website design provides a solid foundation for future development and growth of your business.  Keep reading to learn more about our website development process.

Design Assessment

In order to build a website we need a outline of what we are building.  The design assessment becomes the “blue print” to start development on your new website.  Our design assessment allows us to identify all the needs, wants and desires you are looking for in a website and online presence.  Understanding this information up front ensures that we understand our clients needs and are able to develop a fantastic website.

Development Software

There are many different tools available for web developers today.  Ensuring you pick a developer that not only uses the latest when it comes to technology, but that the technology has longevity and is constantly being updated and made better.  At PDD we work with WordPress Framework, PHP Programming, and MySQL database technology.  Using these technologies provides the foundation to create an awesome website the can be maintained and upgraded for years to come.


For our bigger projects we offer our clients a wireframe of the layout and functionality they will receive in their website.  This helps our clients see the “frame” of their website before development begins.

Website Development

The development phase is when all the construction begins.  At this point we have our “blue print”, “foundation” and “framework” to build your new website.  This is where we build out all the rooms in your website adding menus, pages, page copy, custom functionality and design.  All of this is done in a development environment allowing you to keep up your old website while the new one is under construction.


Once development is complete, it’s time to take a tour around your new website.  At this point you can see all the design, functionality and layout come to life.  Beta allows you test out your new website and make changes prior to going live on your domain.

Go Live

Now that you have taken a look around and signed off on your “new home”, it’s time to give you the keys and go live.  We’ll then transfer your site to your domain hosting environment and your site will be live for the world to see.

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Ongoing Support

We understand that building a website is the first step in starting your online presence.  Maintenance and upkeep on your new site is just as important.  We offer ongoing support for our clients that fit your needs.  Learn more about our website support services.