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How Do I Get My Website Found by Potential Customers?

There are many approaches to getting your website found online.  One of the most important things, by far, in getting your website found is to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is specific optimization that allows search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) to find, index and rank your website.  Each search engine has specific rules, but in general, they function the same way.

Achieving SEO for your website is not an easy task.  It really does take a professional that knows about the rules of optimization to get your website ranked properly.  Additionally,  in order to be successful, you need to devote a monthly budget to keeping your website updated with fresh content and review/analysis of SEO results for your site.

Below are some things to keep in mind to get your website found online:

  1. Hire a professional SEO developer – hiring a professional will help get your website found online quickly and successfully.  The more effort you put into your online advertising, the better the pay off.  A professional can ensure your site is optimized properly for search engines, identify keyword search terms and review and track the results.  Don’t take short cuts here.
  2. Know how your customers search the web – understanding how a customer searches for your type of service or product is very important in successful optimization.  Identifying the keyword search phrases potential customers use to find your type of content is going to allow you to optimize your site for those terms.  Additionally, this will reveal who your online competition is and identify ways to target new customers.
  3. Create a Google Places page – if you are running a business whether brick and mortier or from home, creating a Google Places business page will help you get found through Google Maps and local searches for your service or product.  Creating a Google Places page is free, and provides an additional avenue in getting found by potential customers.  You can get started here on creating a page for your business. 
  4. Run online ads – advertising online has really taken off in the last couple of years.  More and more people are searching online for products and services; you can target these specific customers that may be interested in what you are selling.  There are many ad services available such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.  The best part is you can set your budget and monitor the results.

More and more people are searching online local businesses and products – if you do not have a website you are really missing out.  Creating and maintaining a successful website will allow you to reach into an online customer base that will really help your business grow.

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