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What We Do

Portadella Designs (PDD) is a website development and support company that is run by a dedicated team of professionals.  We are focused on the true goals that you have for yourself and your company, and are committed to portray that in a way that will exceed your expectations, and truly delight your customers.

In today’s tech-heavy business environment, it’s nearly impossible to keep up to speed on all the constantly changing services, processes, and ideas that exist. Hiring a dedicated resource, along with all associated overhead, is generally not the most prudent solution. Let PDD be your outsourced partner for your professional online presence.

What Makes Us Different

We are committed to providing you a high value solution to what you are looking for in an online presence. We structure our projects based on your needs and desired outcomes and help your company succeed in the online market. We are committed to providing custom solutions at reasonable prices for companies and individuals who do not have the expertise, time, or interest in doing it all themselves.

Meet the Owner

IMG_4298Ashley is an avid mom and computer “geek”. At a young age Ashley was immediately fascinated with computers and technology. In high school she was a lead developer for the schools website. After graduating Ashley went on to earn Associates Degree in Software Applications and Programming. As a self taught website designer and developer, Ashley enjoys learning the rapidly changing web world. Bringing website designs and ideas to life, and supporting multiple clients with their web presence is a labor of love.